Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: How does natural gas deregulation affect me?

Many customers are unaware they have the option to change natural gas suppliers even years after deregulation has taken effect.
You have the option to buy your natural gas supply from:

  •   SaskEnergy (utility)
  •   Independent natural gas retailer (Peak Energy)

Q2: What is a Gas Retailer?

A Gas Retailer supplies natural gas to consumers, rather than using your default natural gas supplier which is SaskEnergy. Peak Energy is a Gas Retailer that charges you 10% less than SaskEnergy on your natural gas supply.

Q3: Who is eligible to sign up with Peak Energy?

  •   Commercial and Industrial end-use customers
  •   Customers located within the province of Saskatchewan
  •   If your natural gas consumption is less than 660,000 m³ per year

Q4: What will change when I select Peak Energy?

  •   You save 10% on your SaskEnergy natural gas supply
  •   Peak Energy supplies your natural gas to SaskEnergy, who in turn delivers it to you

Q5: What stays the same when I select Peak Energy?

Sask Energy still:

  •   Delivers your natural gas to you
  •   Provides your natural gas bill
  •   Remains who you contact for your natural gas service issues (disruption of service, gas leak, etc.)

Q6: How do I sign up with Peak Energy?

You need to sign an annual contract with Peak Energy. Please contact us to get started.

Q7: Is there a deadline to sign up?

The natural gas contract year in Saskatchewan runs from November 1st to October 31st.
You must sign up by the September 15th deadline for services beginning November 1st.

Q8: Are there any hidden fees or additional payments?

No, there are no hidden fees or additional payments.

Q9: Are there additional contracts or paperwork?

There are no additional contracts or paperwork. You only need to sign the contract to authorize Peak Energy to be your natural gas supplier.

Q10: What happens to my Peak Energy contract when I move to a different address?

You may transfer your Peak Energy contract to your new address, as long as the new address is located within the province of Saskatchewan.

Q11: Is Peak Energy a reputable company?

Yes, Peak Energy is a reputable company and is established via our ownership:

Ready to Sign Up?

You must sign up for service with Peak Energy by September 15th for gas delivery starting November 1st.

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