What You Need to Know


Natural gas deregulation began in the province of Saskatchewan in 1987.

Prior to its deregulation, the natural gas industry was regulated and consumers had no options to shop around for the commodity. Your only option was to obtain natural gas from SaskEnergy.

Since its deregulation, Saskatchewan has a competitive market for natural gas suppliers. Many consumers are unaware they have the option to change natural gas suppliers even years after deregulation has taken effect.

Power of Buyer

You have the option to buy your natural gas from:

  •   SaskEnergy (utility)
  •   Independent natural gas retailer (Peak Energy)

Consumers are guaranteed to save money by choosing Peak Energy as their natural gas supplier, as our price plan is simply a 10% reduction from your SaskEnergy natural gas supply.

How It Works

Gas Supply


You can purchase your gas from either SaskEnergy or a third party gas supplier such as Peak Energy.

Gas Delivery


SaskEnergy will continue to deliver your gas regardless of who you purchase from. The only change to you is a discount on your gas supply cost.

Once You Sign Up with Peak Energy

What Changes

  •   You save 10% on your SaskEnergy natural gas supply
  •   Peak Energy supplies your natural gas to SaskEnergy, who in turn delivers it to you

What Stays the Same

Sask Energy still:

  •   Delivers your natural gas to you
  •   Provides your natural gas bill
  •   Remains who you contact for natural gas service issues

Ready to Sign Up?

You must sign up for service with Peak Energy by September 15th for gas delivery starting November 1st.

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